Hang Glider EP

by her mana

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recorded instruments live at kevin's house and recorded vocals at justin's house.


released October 28, 2016




all rights reserved


her mana Tucson, Arizona

3 doods making moods

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Track Name: Reverse Origami
that's when i first noticed the way it feels;
the iris of my mind's eye, parading from the sky.

the answer lies within, you once showed me.
must i ask the question? must i ask the question,
and risk unfolding?

my inward journey left me high,
and as i plummet, i don't ask why.
find my bones lying about,
in the garden you always wanted.
Track Name: Brittle Bones
well i guess we're growing up,
and the work just keeps on coming.
it's got me screaming out:
how do i keep track of it all!?

i've got goals and responsibilities;
surprises to handle;
relationships to foster;
minds to heal.

let's thrive on feelings,
and burn the rest.
'cause life's too fleeting
for this distress.
Track Name: You Were Cold, So I Sang
what happened?
lost at sea;
i can't even see myself.
the ship creaks,
sliding over waves.
hold onto the thought:
we will be okay.

my spine tingles as i think of you just one year ago.
was i blind?
or just elated?
or has the tingling gotten stronger, overwhelming and dulling my senses?

oh higher conscience, i need some perspective.
why does intuition feel so elective?
and why do my thoughts waver back and forth?
i need some grounding like the star in the north.

either way i'm gonna get it back.
i'm gonna get it back!
i didn't think it'd be this hard,
so i slip beneath the stars.
Track Name: Tight Rope, Man
your trail leaves a trace,
my nose picks up the scent.
eyes closed, i blindly follow.
your voice appears;
i open my eyes.

i thought being a better man was easy.
i keep my eyes closed while i walk the line.
but the line is much too thin,
and the wind is blowing.

some choices can't be made.
i can climb uphill,
or relax as i tumble down.

i thought being a better man was easy.
i keep my eyes closed while i walk the line.
feeling like i'll fall of any time.
and the wind is blowing.